The Coolest Private Island Experience in Turks and Caicos is Even Better

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An aerial view of the property and accommodations at Ambergris Cay in Turks and Caicos.
Already an exceptional destination for rest, relaxation, and romance, this private island resort is adding some fantastic amenities
Ambergris Cay

Flying into Ambergris Cay is easily one of the coolest moments a traveler can experience. This private island resort in Turks and Caicos can only be reached by the property’s own private airplane, and the experience of rolling right up to the entrance, where the friendliest staff on the planet awaits, will put the biggest smile on any guest’s face. That’s just the beginning of a vacation concept that is downright sensational, and I never imagined it could be any better.

And yet it can. Only three-miles long, this enchanting escape already packed a massive punch with its stunning beaches and exceptional accommodations—not to mention phenomenal food—but the latest additions will provide a far more complete vacation experience for a variety of travelers.

It begins at the all-new clubhouse, where Salt Rakers becomes the property’s second full-service restaurant, dishing out delicious pizzas from an authentic, imported oven. There are some truly exceptional pizza joints in Turks and Caicos, so this spot will have its work cut out, but if the cuisine is anything like that offered at the Calico Restaurant, no one will be disappointed.

An aerial view of the Dream Pavilion accommodations at the Ambergris Cay private island resort in Turks and Caicos.
The Dream Pavilion was the most recent addition and is one of the most exciting accommodations anywhere in the Caribbean.
Ambergris Cay

All that amazing food means there will be extra calories to burn, and the new fitness pavilion instantly becomes one of the best wellness amenities anywhere in the Caribbean. Including Peloton and Precor equipment, this center will offer a variety of classes, including morning yoga sessions that will use the surrounding natural beauty as a supplement for better calm and relaxation.

Arguably the best addition, though, is The Hangover, a very appropriately named floating tiki bar located in Little Ambergris Cay. A 10-minute journey by speedboat will have guests sipping cocktails and mocktails in one of the most Instagrammable locations on Earth. And even if they’re not in the mood for a drink, it is still an amazing spot to drop a towel and get some sun.

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