Natural lines of Succession: six luxury retreats in the UK

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From a treetop house in Stirling to dark-sky glamping in County Tyrone, we choose more affordable alternatives to the stunning Norwegian mountain hideaway featured in the series

Mountain views and mounting tension underscore the fifth episode of the final series of Succession, set in Norway. The entire dysfunctional clan of Roys and courtiers descend on what appears at first sight to be a kind of Center Parcs for billionaires – but is, in fact, the Juvet Landscape Hotel, on the Atlantic coast between Bergen and Trondheim.

Shiv quips, “Which way to Chairman Matsson’s re-education camp?” before the inevitable sauna, axe-throwing, archery and cringey disco kick in. Outside the transparent sweat bath, Karl jokes that the men in (birthday) suits are “hanging in the window like peking duck”.

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