You’ll never walk alone: 10 great UK walking festivals for spring and summer

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From group hikes around the towns of the north-west to a seaside stroll in Snowdonia, there’s an event for every taste in 2023

May is national walking month – a good excuse to do something you’ve been putting off, or to expand your repertoire of rambles. The weather is perfect for hiking, the days lengthening, and spring flowers greeting walkers in rural spots. Walking cleans and heals the brain and body as well as the environment, and many festivals are designed to welcome those taking to the outdoors for the first time. A 20-minute walk each day can reduce the risk of preventable conditions including certain cancers, depression, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Britain is arguably the great walking nation. About two-thirds of us already head out to stretch our legs once a week. We’re lucky to have public footpaths and walking clubs in urban areas as well as wild and pretty places to explore.

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