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Postcard from Bordighera: autumn sun on Italy’s Ligurian coast

Extravagant villas, wonderful food, exotic gardens and a calm beach attracted British expats to Bordighera in the[…]


The couple who bought a crumbling Scottish villa – by accident – and turned it into a holiday let

Cal Hunter and Claire Segeren spent four years, and acquired 300,000 Instagram followers, doing up a dilapidated[…]


Tell us about a great eco skiing trip in Europe – you could win a holiday voucher

Have you been on a skiing trip that minimised impact on the environment? Please share your experiences[…]


‘Something magical happens’: can you really take kids on a 630-mile hike?

Tackling the South West Coast Path (in chunks) with my husband and two young children gave us[…]


On the midnight express train across Turkey

On the final journey in our long-distance rail series we take the Doğu Express, which runs east[…]


‘The place was so relaxing I almost missed my train’: readers’ favourite European railway hotels

From a converted monastery in Venice to a former post office in Ghent, our tipsters share their[…]


My cultural day out on the Sussex Art Shuttle

With next week’s Turner prize opening in Eastbourne, we try a hop-on, hop-off bus service that takes[…]


Bałtycki Park Dinozaurów & Safari Wrzosowo

Jestli máte doma milovníka dinosaurů a míříte do Polska k Baltu, rozhodně ho sem vezměte. A jestli[…]


The London look: 10 fashion exhibitions in the capital

Autumn shows covering everything from the Georgians to the Kardashians, and from East End sweatshops to Chanel’s[…]


My trip to a Greek island idyll where electric vehicles rule

The Dodecanese island of Astypalea is waving goodbye to petrol and diesel in a groundbreaking project that[…]

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