‘We loved pitching in an olive grove’: readers’ favourite campsites in Europe

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From the shores of an Alpine lake to the banks of the Dordogne river, our tipsters share their top spots for a holiday under canvas

Having been cycling across Europe for nearly two months, we’d become campsite connoisseurs. Natura Camp Karli stands out for being a tranquil oasis on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. We loved pitching our tent in an olive grove, having been welcomed with a gift of handmade products. The facilities were simple, but excellent, with a covered area and stoves for cooking, as well as ample seating with a view. It’s a peaceful location, with the coast about six miles away. After a wonderful night’s sleep, drifting off to the gentle hum of insects, we left with an extra spring in our pedalling.
Pitch from €25

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