10 of the best places to visit in South Somerset

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With rolling hills, golden villages, listed gardens and historic homes, the south of the county offers some of England’s most glorious sights

The delightful manor house, dating back to the 1300s, was owned for generations by the Lyte family. The garden was cultivated by Elizabeth I’s botanist, Henry Lyte, but the house fell into disrepair and the garden was ploughed up. In 1909, after a century and a half of neglect, a new family took over. They restored the interior (removing a cider press and farming equipment dumped inside) and created the charming Arts & Crafts garden you can still enjoy today. Tranquil walks through the 350-acre grounds take you along the River Cary. You can stay on the estate in a part of the main manor house, or in a cosy cottage by the entrance gates.

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