‘I wanted the 17-hour trip to go slower, not faster’: readers’ favourite European journeys

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The excitement of the voyage itself grabbed our tipsters as they delighted in riding trains, ferries and buses across Europe to as far afield as Norway and Turkey

Instead of a four-hour road trip from Koman to Fierzë, relax and enjoy the Albanian fjords via the Drin River. We reversed on to the Berisha ferry, which takes 10 cars, plus foot passengers. Everyone sits on deck, regardless of the weather, to take in the views, which began with an incredibly straight white line high in the rock, showing the water level during the rainy season. The scenery was magnificent with forest-clad hills and high, rocky mountains with various coloured strata. Occasionally, a remote, isolated house could be seen. After two hours, we began spotting small tourist boats and hardy kayakers before arriving at Fierzë.
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