We found a swimming pool in every city on our Interrail trip around Europe

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Swimming at every stop left us fresh and invigorated – and led us to parts of cities that tourists seldom visit

Stepping into the lobby of the Gellért Baths in Budapest is like stepping back in time. Having resisted the temptation to look at photos of the baths online, I was thrilled at my first sight of the spectacular art nouveau interior.

After changing, my husband and I did a few laps of the main indoor pool, admiring the intricately decorated columns surrounding us. Afterwards, we explored the building’s labyrinth of geothermal pools before emerging on to the enormous roof terrace. There, we swam in the heated outdoor pool under bright sunshine.

Less touristy than the more party-style Széchenyi Baths, the Gellért offered us the chance of a decent swim and steam.

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