‘One taste explodes like a moon rocket booster’: readers’ favourite foodie finds in Europe

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Lava soup in Iceland, assassins’ pasta in Bari, Georgian breads and Norfolk seafood … our tipsters pick their favourite culinary treats across the continent

Hidden in the main hall of Varvakios Agora market in Athens is seafood so fresh that the air smells of saltwater. At Hasapika, you can choose your fish and specify how you’d like it cooked: seared octopus, salmon ceviche, gigantic fried prawns – the choice is endlessly delicious. But the highlight is the Hasapika pan – handmade pasta in a decadent tomato broth overloaded with crayfish, mussels and shrimp. It can serve three, but two of us fought for every last scrap, wiping the pan with warm, olive oil-soaked bread. My Italian friend declared it some of the best pasta he had ever tasted. Well worth €28 for two.
Suriya Bala

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