Share a tip on a favourite meal in Europe – you could win a holiday voucher

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Tell us about a fabulous restaurant meal you’ve had in Europe, including the UK – the best tip wins £200 towards a Coolstays break

You can visit all the museums you want to, tick off all the historic sites and lie on all the beaches, but if you really want to get to the heart of a destination, take a look at what’s on your plate. Food-centred travel is one of the quickest shortcuts to understanding a place and its people and can create memories that linger long after the holiday is over. Whether it be an unforgettable meal in an unassuming taverna or trattoria, a visit to a vineyard or a street food market, or your first taste of a local speciality, we’d love to hear about your memorable foodie experiences while travelling.

If you have a relevant photo, do send it in – but it’s your words that will be judged for the competition.

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