Beyond the Tower: the other star attractions of Gustave Eiffel’s Paris

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We pick top sites in the French capital that show off the great engineer’s genius. And who knew that it’s thanks to him the Statue of Liberty didn’t fall into New York harbour?

Gustave Eiffel, who died 100 years ago today, is best known for Paris’s most famous landmark, the tower that bears his name. But over a long and prolific career, the Dijon-born civil engineer also built dams, bridges and lighthouses as far afield as Russia, Senegal, Vietnam and Brazil. He worked on an early attempt at building a Panama canal, and while there was charged with misuse of funds and imprisoned (though later acquitted).

Around Paris itself, Eiffel’s legacy extends to many surviving structures and artworks. And while none is as stunning as the tower, they show off the sheer, giddy breadth of Eiffel’s genius and impact. Here are some to look out for in the capital.

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