12 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Outdoors Enthusiast in Your Life

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The Breeo Luxeve fire pit
Start with a nice fire pit and let the rest of the pieces fall into place.

One of the best chef accounts to follow on Instagram is Derek Wolf, aka @overthefirecooking, because what this gentleman does with his Breeo smokeless fire pit and Outpost accessory is downright wizardry. As a Breeo fan and aspiring outdoor cooking aficionado, I can only marvel at what he does with tomahawk steaks and shrimp skewers, but at least I can find solace in knowing that my family at least appreciates the burgers and snacks I’ve whipped up on my X Series 24.

However, even as I downsized to the X Series 19, I still lamented the fact that this cooking device wasn’t technically portable. Yes, it was possible to put it in the back of a truck or SUV and move it to another location for the sake of sharing the joy of fire pit snack time, but it wasn’t exactly… clean. In fact, quite a few messes have been made while moving the 19 from one place to another, and I’m not sure that my Jeep will ever not smell like a campsite (although I’m not complaining).

Enter: the Y Series Portable Smokeless Fire Pit, which I assumed was the next best thing Breeo’s team of geniuses could whip up. And yet I was still wrong. This company never ceases to amaze when it comes to “What’s next?” and that means choosing the right gear can be tough.

Breeo Fireside Furniture and Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit

It’s hard to decide where to point the spotlight when it comes to Breeo, because even the new grilling tools are basically the best accessories you can buy. (Believe me: when the other tailgaters see you bust these big boys out, they become a conversation piece.) But it’s not all about cooking and grilling for this company, as evidenced by the Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit and X Series Fireside Furniture.

Maybe you don’t want to make massive tomahawk steaks on your Breeo Outpost, but you’d still love to stargaze, sip hot cocoa, or escape the extended family for a few hours. The Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit is the stylish alternative to the X and Y Series fire pits, as it comes in four base colors—to match your backyard aesthetic—and you can even choose from five glass varieties for a little extra pop.

As for your seating arrangements, Breeo’s X Series Chair is a durable, downright cool take on the classic Adirondack, and a quartet set around any of these pits makes a very impressive setting. There’s even a kid’s chair for the families that spend a lot of time outdoors, as well as a table for cocktails and snacks. Throw in a few Outrig trays and cupholders, and your backyard instantly becomes the place to be.

Solo Pi Prime Pizza Oven

The Solo Pi Prime pizza oven
When your party guests want pizza time all the time.

Solo, the company that just executed the brilliant “Snoop Dogg quit smoking” campaign, is another great brand that produces a variety of stylish, affordable outdoor fire accessories, from the appropriately named Yukon 2.0 fire pit to the Mesa tabletoppers, and all of it is ideal for small families that love to spend time on the patio or in and around the pool. Heck, you can even take the all-in-one step to hosting your first backyard soiree by choosing the Bonfire Surround Seating Bundle, which includes the Bonfire Pit plus Surround and four chairs. Throw in some Mesa Torches for extra lighting and you’ll be hosting people every weekend.

But when it comes to outdoor cooking, the Pi Prime Pizza Oven is the piece we’ve all been missing. Prior to adding this awesome oven to my porch portfolio, I’d heard a lot of horror stories from friends and family about myriad failed attempts with other name brand ovens. The common complaint is that these things just cook too quickly, and your small pie will come out like charcoal. Not the Pi Prime, though.

Fueled by propane and simple enough that a child (or adult who likes to pretend he’s a culinary genius) can use it, the Pi Prime is a terrific choice for families who love to host a lot of people and don’t have a lot of hang-ups about what to eat. Set up a table full of ingredients and let people design their own small pies, and then they can toss them in the oven and be snapping Instagram selfies with their delicious creations faster than anyone can shout, “Who took all the pepperoni?!”

Solo’s Black Friday sales are running through December 3, 2023, and shoppers will be rewarded with some exceptional perks. Spend $200 and choose a free Titan (code: FREECAMPING), Cinder (FREECINDER), or Mesa Torch (FREETORCH); at $400, receive a MesaXL (FREEMESAXL) or sticks and tools (FREETOOLS); at $500 it’s a Mesa Torch three-pack (FREETORCH3); and at $1,000, take home a free Pi Prime (FREEPRIME).

KC Cattle Company Holiday Bundles

kc cattle company meat selection
Grab a couple steaks or order a holiday bundle with legendary wagyu dogs. Either way, your grilling will be magical.
KC Cattle Company

You have your cooking devices, but where’s the beef? (Or chicken, pork, seafood, and vegan-friendly options, for that matter?) There are more and more online butcher shops seemingly popping up daily, so it’s hard to know which are trustworthy or provide the best values. Well, look no further than KC Cattle Company, owned by Army veteran Patrick Montgomery, whose wagyu alone will make regulars out of any first-time buyers.

Serious grillers have already been all-in on the subscriptions, and it’s impossible not to want to bundle like crazy when ordering everything from his world-famous wagyu hot dogs to the wagyu chuck eye, flank, skirt, and top sirloin steaks, among many other items. Curious carnivores can start simple with the Holiday Prestige Bundle (KC Cattle Classic Summer Sausage, Jalapeño Summer Sausage, Shaved Peppered Beef, and a pair of Classified KC Strip Steaks) or go bigger with the Holiday Elite Bundle (KC Cattle Classic Summer Sausage, Jalapeño Summer Sausage, Shaved Peppered Beef, two 10 oz Classified KC Strip Steaks, and two 7 oz Classified Wagyu Filet Mignons).

At the very least, grab a Holiday Delight Bundle for your favorite person and then insist they share it with you.

Monoprice PowerCache

monoprice powercache 600 lithium
You can never have too much backup power.

Every year, when hurricane season arrives, I start shopping for yet another power bank to add to my garage shelf packed with batteries, because I learn the same lesson annually: you can never have enough back-up power. And while a whole-home generator is still an unrealistic expense for many people, a portable power bank is an excellent albeit smaller alternative that can help even when the skies are clear and every light is on.

Monoprice’s new trio of PowerCache portable power stations offers good variety (300, 600, and 1,000 watts) in obtaining peace of mind, be it for keeping devices charged and smaller appliances running during an outage or simply offering guests a charging station when multiple people suddenly realize they’ve drained their iPhone batteries from all the pics they took of their pizzas.

I originally added the Monoprice PowerCache 600 Lithium for the sake of charging all my portable electronics while visiting the Great Outdoors, and it is exceptional for keeping notorious battery drainers like action cameras and iPads fully charged. But I have also found that it’s perfect for placing underneath a patio table so I can run multiple USB cables through the umbrella hole and provide everyone with a little juice while we chat. And then it’s back to providing only the best playlists as my alter ego: DJ Dadbod.

GoPro Hero11 Black

GoPro Hero11 Black
From the ocean to your favorite golf course, there’s no place this action camera won’t deliver.

Did someone say action cameras? We have reached the point in travel and leisure where you cannot go on any type of trip without a proper device for capturing every waking moment to share with friends and family on social media. Our phones can only do so much, however, and no matter how many other cameras I try, I always come back to the GoPro for its incredible clarity and convenience.

While the 12 is the hot model right now—especially with the awesome Creator Edition bundle—I always urge people to try a previous model, because the quality is still fantastic and the price is a little lower. When I lost my Hero9 Black in Aruba, I briefly went back to my 7 before realizing you can only move forward. The GoPro Hero11 Black is an absolute joy to use, from snorkeling off Grace Bay Beach to mounting on a golf cart for capturing every inch of a course like Teeth of the Dog. It’s even great for simply taking scenic family photos, which makes it the ideal stocking stuffer.

Oru Lake+ Kayak

oru folding kayak
Take the pressure off your arms so you can do all the paddling.

It used to be that if you wanted to spend a weekend at the lake, exploring every nook and cranny of your favorite local body of water, you had to strap a big, old canoe or kayak to the roof of your vehicle or pay a handsome amount to rent one from a local shop. Thank goodness watercraft technology has come so far and a brand like Oru Kayak is allowing outdoorsy travelers to get the most of their time on the water with a fantastic sense of convenience.

Oru’s The Lake+ Kayak weighs just 18-pounds and folds up into a travel bag that slides right into your trunk or trailer like the rest of the luggage and gear. Gone are the days of walking around with a boat over your head, as this model can be carried down to the water and assembled in a matter of minutes. Best of all, the convenience doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. Oru has made the seats considerably thicker and allows for the use of the Oru Gel Seat Cushion so your butt doesn’t fall asleep while you have a rod dangling for the catch of the day.

Ride1Up Rift Electric Bike

Rift electric bike from Ride1Up
When you want to hit the trails in style, this is the e-bike.

Of all the gear I’ve added to my portfolio in the last year, the Ride1Up Revv 1 moped-style electric bike is my favorite. It’s just downright fun for cruising around my neighborhood and beyond, but all e-bikes come with one dilemma: you’re gonna want more. After all, the Revv 1 is fantastic for urban commute, but it’s not the ideal choice for an all-terrain adventure (although it’s hardly a bad choice). When it comes to exploring any path that isn’t beaten, you’re going to want the Rift all-terrain fat tire e-bike.

Designed to ride just about anywhere, without sacrificing any of the comfort, the Rift can ride as fast as 28 mph with pedal assist and can run for as many as 60 miles, depending on certain elements. And while the design puts safety first, it still looks just as cool as Ride1Up’s other popular styles (including the badass Revv 1) and that makes it a premium choice for any explorer.

RUX 25L Waterproof Bag

RUX 25L Waterproof Bag
You might be soaked but your gear won’t be.

A waterproof backpack is a must-have for any outdoors enthusiast because you’ll end up in a lot of places and scenarios where you’re going to get wet, but you’d prefer your phone and other important belongings don’t. The problem with such bags is that their designs often neglect versatility and style, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because as long as they keep our phones, wallets, and changes of clothes dry, all is well, right? Not necessarily.

Fortunately, some brands know style and function aren’t exclusive, and that’s how we end up with a fantastic option like the RUX 25L Waterproof Bag. Whether heading to the campground or a resort pool, you’ll want a bag that laughs in the face of splishes and splashes, which is exactly what this bag does. However, it is a very unassuming style that, at its most basic, can be a perfect poolside tote for towels, clothes, phones, iPads, and any other minor essentials. But get head into the Great Outdoors or onto the open water and the roll-top closure ensures that everything will be bone dry when you’re back to shelter.

Wayfarer Water Purifier from Lifesaver

Lifesaver Wayfarer portable water purifier
It’s worth the extra backpack space to remain hydrated.

One of my fondest memories of camping and Scouting as a child was learning about important lifesaving measures that you can perform when all hell breaks loose. Of course, many years have passed, and I have forgotten most of them, so I’m incredibly fortunate that great companies like Lifesaver are making new gear that will ensure safety in unknown territory while also reducing the urge to panic and completely lose my sh*t.

The Wayfarer Water Purifier is the newest product that qualifies for my “never leave home without it” label. I know it seems unrealistic that I’ll end up somewhere without my Yeti bottle filled with ice water, but the more my son joins me on adventures, the safer I’ll want to be while also teaching him how to use these items. The ability to make clean drinking water in the worst situations—especially in the wake of natural disasters—can’t be taken for granted, so this lightweight gadget is incredible for peace of mind.

Especially since it can process approximately 1,320 gallons before it needs to be replaced. That’s big when you have a little companion who constantly needs water breaks.

Pirani Insulated Stackable Tumbler

Pirani stackable tumbler
This is a very cool, eco-friendly take on the classic party cup.

We have a saying in my house: there’s no such thing as too many tumblers. In fact, I definitely have more durable, outdoors drinkware in my kitchen cabinets than fine glassware. That’ll happen when you spend more time by the pool than in any other part of the home, and now it’s just second nature for me to grab one of the indestructible cups for all my hydrating needs. Right now, that cup is the 16 oz. Pirani Insulated Stackable Tumbler.

I don’t just love this cup because it’s convenient and the style is fun, like the Terminator’s version of the classic Solo cup. What really makes it a great choice is that it is a space saver when I’m not using it, because unlike our other massive tumblers, this version stacks. That means we can go full Pirani in limited kitchen space while still being able to put enough cups out for all the friends and family when they come over for the cannonball competition, or when we pack the waterproof bag for a day on the boat.

Pure Outdoor Beach/Camp Sunshade

Pure Outdoor portable shade tent
This is the good type of throwing shade.
Pure Outdoor

When it comes to camping tents, that’s an entirely different discussion and gift guide. But no matter how awesome your tent may be, you never have enough shade and versatility. For example, if you’re camping and plan to hike to a nearby body of water, you’re not going to take the entire tent with you. Not when you can pack the extremely convenient Pure Outdoor Beach/Camp Sunshade that offers protection from the sun and elements when you plan to be resting in between hours of kayaking and paddleboarding.

Let’s not limit this to the campground, though. Since adding this very easy-to-set-up sunshade to my routine, we’ve used it more at poolside than anywhere else. The youngest guests and their parents will be thrilled to have extra shade while the other kids are doing cannonballs and smashing each other in the faces with water balloons. And it’s even great for a grillmaster who wants to enjoy his own burger creations without pool water as an unwelcome topping.

Treblab HD-Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

treblab hd-mini bluetooth speaker
A little speaker can still provide big sound.

I often joke that opening my tech gear cabinet is a lot like John Wick visiting the sommelier in Rome, because I have a lot to choose from and each device offers something for a specific occasion. But more often than not, when it’s time to put on some poolside playlists that will entertain everyone but not annoy the neighbors, I have been reaching for one speaker every time: the Treblab HD-Mini.

The thing I love most about this brand’s speakers and headphones is the battery life. There have been times when I have put the HD-Mini or even the HD-Max away without charging, and when I take it back out for another Saturday of college football and dad rock, it still has enough juice left to play the hits. More importantly, the sound is simply fantastic—crisp and loud without losing clarity the higher the volume goes. Best of all, it is tiny enough that it can go anywhere, from the pool to the resort, so it’s truly one of the most essential gadgets you can have.

Pure Outdoor Complete Disc Golf Set

Pure Outdoor portable disc golf set
When the need for competition arises, you’ll be glad you packed this.
Pure Outdoor

Sometimes you want to take a break from all of nature’s splendid beauties and pool party shenanigans to just throw down in an epic battle of frolf. Known casually as disc golf, this was once a game you could only find in certain parks and recreational areas, so showing off your ‘bee skills was never an everyday affair. That’s no longer the case now that you can play at home or away.

Pure Outdoor’s Complete Disc Golf Set is as durable as any equipment you’ll find in the wild, but it’s also portable so you can bring the game to your foes. Some people simply don’t like to participate in water sports, so having a land-based option for entertainment and hours of physical activity is great, but it’s even better to have something to occupy a lot of time that will otherwise be spent asking the chef when the wagyu hot dogs will be done.

“Soon enough,” I’ll reply with a full mouth. “Soon enough.”

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