Share a great natural spa experience in the UK or Europe to win a holiday voucher

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Tell us about your favourite thermal pools and hot springs – the best tip wins £200 towards a Coolstays break

As temperatures drop and days become shorter, warming up in an outdoor thermal pool or natural spa is a great way to keep the winter blues at bay. We’d love to hear about places you’ve discovered for a spot of pampering – perhaps you’ve lazed in healing hot springs in Italy or “taken the waters” in geothermal pools in Hungary. Luxury spa hotels are often built close to these natural resources – but we’re looking for suggestions for affordable experiences. Closer to home, for example, there have been a number of mobile saunas appearing on beaches or near rivers to take the sting out of an icy dip. Tell us about your discovery and why it’s a top spot for a winter wellness boost and you could win £200 towards a holiday.

If you have a relevant photo, do send it in – but it’s your words that will be judged for the competition.

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