‘An awe-inspiring journey back in time’: readers’ favourite ancient sites in Europe

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From the cave art of the Dordogne to Yorkshire’s mighty barrows, our tipsters recall visits to unsung sites in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe

Ale’s Stones in Sweden’s far south (Ales Stenar) may resemble Stonehenge, but instead of being surrounded by roads, Ale cleverly put his stones on cliffs, providing visitors with spectacular views. Ponder the competing theories of what the stones are: a burial monument, a sun calendar? After a decades-long dispute, including a court case, the county agreed to let the opposing theory (sun calendar) also have a sign. Today, the area is a nature reserve. Easily accessible from Ystad (Wallander country), and an hour’s drive south-east from Malmö, it’s perfect for a day trip. Enjoy local food in the superb Kåseberga Fisk, a very Swedish shop/cafe beneath, which includes a vegan fish option.

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