French made: the Paris festival celebrating centuries of unique crafts

Без рубрики

Couturiers, spirit-makers and neon-sign merchants are among the 600 artisans opening their ateliers next month to showcase their traditional trades

Stepping into the Brûlerie de Belleville in Paris’s 19th arrondissement feels like entering an old-fashioned apothecary. Floor-to-ceiling dark wooden shelves filled with glass jars, tins of roasted coffee beans and a huge variety of coffee makers line the walls; bar counters are topped with wine-coloured marble where you can sip on freshly made espresso.

The Brûlerie is one of Paris’s oldest quality coffee roasters and one of the artisans taking part in this year’s ParisLocal, a festival held over three days in November to promote locally made, environment-friendly businesses and craftsmanship.

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