How to ski greener – switch from plane to train

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We look at ways to reduce your winter holiday carbon footprint, and pick great train-accessible resorts that are doing their bit for the environment

Pristine white peaks all around, and skis crunching over crisp snow. If any holiday feels like escapism, it’s a ski holiday. But climate breakdown is increasingly threatening to poop the party.

The latest research, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, is stark. Climatologists analysed snow cover at 2,234 ski resorts, from Iceland to Turkey. “If there was 2C of global warming, about 27% of resorts would have scarce snow every other year,” says Samuel Morin, co-author and research scientist at Météo-France (the French meteorological service) and CNRS (France’s science agency). “At the more extreme case of 4C, this figure rises to 71% of resorts. The situation depends on the region and elevation, but snow conditions everywhere would be affected.”

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