‘The oyster shucking is a riot’: readers’ favourite UK food events in autumn

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From the Highlands to Cornwall, from porridge to pakoras, enjoy the full harvest of our readers’ foodie tips

Every October, I find myself drawn to the Falmouth oyster festival, where fresh oysters, pulled straight from the boats, are shucked before your eyes. As you wander, the streets of Falmouth are buzzing with lively music, bursts of laughter, and the salty scent of the sea. Everywhere there’s a palpable energy – folks clinking glasses of chilled local ale, traders calling out their fresh catches and kids dancing to impromptu tunes. And oh, those oyster-shucking contests? An absolute riot. You’ll be cheering, laughing, and maybe even joining in. From 12 to 15 October.
Hamish Lister

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