Put yourself first: the top 15 solo trips in the UK

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Being on your own is a chance to really savour the world around you — at your own pace. Here are 15 places to visit and eat. Plus, five great spa breaks for number one

There’s something wonderfully liberating about travelling alone and the following trips fulfil all the best aspects of being solo. No compromises to be made, no itineraries discussed; get up when you want, eat what you fancy, do nothing or everything, talk to the friendly person next to you at breakfast, or pop in your headphones and ignore them completely. When I’m travelling alone, I become the best version of myself; the most decisive, the most charming, the most curious. I see more, go further, strike up conversations with people I’ll never meet again, yet always remember. And even after 25 years of travelling, I still get the same feeling of satisfaction when I’m home – a quiet sense of pleasure that I did it all on my own.

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