‘Magic that will inspire never-ending travels’: readers’ favourite places in Turkey

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Ancient ruins, glittering seas, pine forests and great coffee have cast a spell over our intrepid tipsters

In a country full of hidden gems, it is hard to choose one. But I would highly recommend taking a trip to the south-east of Turkey – “cradle of civilisation” territory – and on the road between Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, turn off near Yukarıincirli and head 17 miles north to Halfeti for a boat tour of the mighty Euphrates. This region was hit hard by the recent earthquake, but that gives added reasons to visit: a morale boost to the locals, and some help for their struggling economy. On that cruise you’ll get a chance to see the remarkable submerged city of Old Halfeti, as well as the ancient fortress of Rumkale and, if you’re lucky, a karagül, the black rose that is indigenous to this region.

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