A fun and fabulous way to travel: my tuk-tuk adventure across northern Italy

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A three-wheeler tour starting in Milan makes for a rollicking ride in the gorgeous scenery and small towns of the Italian Lakes

It’s hard to know if Milan’s fashionistas are bemused more by my driving or by my vehicle as I stall, splutter and crunch the gears while double-parking the tuk-tuk on Via Monte Napoleone, the city’s swankiest street. Both it and I look comically out of place on a thoroughfare dripping with designer shops and high-end motors. I’ve just seen a Hermès shirt with a €10,500 price tag and spotted the Argentina World Cup winner and Inter Milan star Lautaro Martínez laden with Gucci shopping bags, and bouncing into a blacked-out Hummer with his girlfriend and minder.

Not that I’m here to shop. Our mission this morning is to take a photo of the three-wheeled contraption parked alongside a Ferrari or Lamborghini – which causes a mini traffic jam, much horn beeping and bewilderment as to why a ramshackle tuk-tuk is cluttering up the street.

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