Edinburgh beyond the fringe: the best day trips from the city by train

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There’s a lot to see just a short rail journey from Edinburgh. Don’t miss out on these stunning Scottish countryside delights – including one of Attenborough’s ‘wonders of the world’

Of the half million annual visitors to the Edinburgh International Festival (running from 4-28 August this year), the vast majority don’t leave the city. Which is understandable given the cultural smörgåsbord on offer, and that it takes place in (arguably) the UK’s most attractive city. But it’s also a wasted opportunity given that this is the capital of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a wealth of stunning scenery on its doorstep.

The really epic stuff is up in the Highlands, several hours away, but you can get a taste of Scotland’s unique wild beauty on a day trip from Edinburgh. Here are three suggestions easily reached by public transport that take in a hill walk, amazing wildlife and a famous loch.

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