6 of the most scenic and affordable bus trips in Europe

Без рубрики

The treasures of Berlin, Monaco and the Amalfi coast can be savoured on a budget if you use these local and regional buses

With sterling in its customary parlous state, anything that makes your European holiday money go further is going to be welcome. And one simple but rewarding method is to make friends with the humble local bus. Yes, it’s true that most endure a humdrum existence ferrying commuters and shoppers about, but if you ferret around you’ll discover that many others pass through scenery worthy of a glitzy sightseeing tour. But they do so for a fraction of the cost. And furthermore, they often afford the traveller an authentic slice of local life into the bargain.

Here, then, are six fantastically scenic European bus routes – all of them so inexpensive you’ll want to give the driver a tip.

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