‘The sand glistens gold’: readers’ favourite spots in Portugal away from the crowds

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There is so much more to the country than Algarve sun. Our tipsters try coast walks and venture inland for river beaches, vistas and amazing villages

Cabo da Roca, 12 miles west of Sintra, is a must-visit, but it was odd there so few people joining us on the well-laid-out coastal footpath. Walking from Cabo da Roca seven miles up the coast to the next town, Azenhas do Mar, was one of the best routes I’ve ever hiked. We dropped in on secluded and beautiful beaches via steep offshoots of the coast path. But everything it set up perfectly, with proper ropes alongside the footpath so that you can use it to safely climb up and down the hills. The beaches, including Praia da Ursa and Praia da Adraga, are just simply breathtaking.
Christina Tang

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