Boots and bathers: the rise of UK cross-country swimming and where to do it

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The newly popular mix of hiking and open-water swimming opens up new routes for adventurers looking to explore mountains, lakes and coasts

Cross-country swimming – the combination of hiking and open-water swimming – enables you to create routes that traverse land and water, whether it be mountains, lakes or a stretch of coastline. The concept is that when your walk comes to a body of water, you pack your kit into a waterproof inflatable bag that can be towed, swim to the next destination, exit, and continue your journey. A multi-swim walk can open up new perspectives on the landscape, even in familiar areas.

Standard tow floats are fine for shorter trips. However, for full or multi-day excursions, something like the RuckRaft, which is big enough to transport a rucksack full of camping gear across open water is recommended.

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