‘The air tasted of salty joy, fat seals basking nearby’: readers’ favourite coastal walks in UK and Europe

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From the shimmering Hebrides to Brittany’s enchanted rockpools, our readers share the highlights of their shoreline strolls

The Fisherman’s Trail in south Portugal is magical. We started from Porto Covo and ended in Lagos, walking 140 miles in 12 days, staying overnight in rustic villages, cobblestoned towns and surfer spots. Those short of time can walk a smaller section of the trail. The walk has breathtaking views, rugged cliffs, wild beaches with crystal-clear waters, pine forests, vineyards, and meadows of wild flowers. Lots of wildlife can be spotted – lizards, storks, cormorants and countless other birds – and the wine and seafood in the restaurants along the way is a treat.

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