Palau Opens Up To Luxury Cruisers on Four Seasons Explorer

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The islands of Palau
Palau is home to more than 340 islands.
Four Seasons photo

Four Seasons Explorer is setting sail to one of the world’s last remaining frontiers beginning later this year. Hidden in a remote part of the mighty Pacific, discover Palau—home to more than 340 emerald islands, an astonishing spectrum of marine life, and a 4,000-year-old culture still sustained by the local knowledge of 20,000 traditionally minded people – the most vital element of the unique Palauan culture.

Four Seasons Explorer operates like a floating resort, offering daily embarkations and disembarkations, allowing up to 22 guests to explore as deeply—and for as long—as they wish. With the freedom to focus on personal areas of interest among Palau’s many bucket-list wonders, both underwater and on land, all adventures are entirely bespoke.

Referred to as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World, with 193,000 square miles of protected marine territory, Palau offers bucket-list opportunities for divers and snorkelers. With only nine of the country’s 340 islands inhabited, opportunities for raw natural adventure abound, while deep cultural immersions range from insights into the rich Palauan dance tradition—awash with powerful chanting, storytelling and vibrant colors—to the intriguing exploration of WWII sites, symbolic bai meeting houses, and centuries of Spanish, German, Japanese and American influences.

Guests on the Four Seasons Explorer can also look forward to a variety of on-board experiences, from connecting with Palauan people, chefs and musicians to learning from expert marine biologists and indulging in wellness experiences with spa therapists and yogis.

Four Seasons Explorer will also be available for fully customizable private yacht charters in Palau for groups of up to 22—including dedicated charters for surf enthusiasts with the experts from Tropicsurf, from uncrowded “best-kept secret” breaks on the east and west coast reefs to adventurous “surfaris” off the country’s fringing islands during the winter months.

Four Seasons Explorer is a 128-foot luxury catamaran built by Image Marine of Perth, Australia. Its three decks accommodate 10 staterooms with king beds bathed in natural light from large windows, and the lavish Explorer Suite featuring an indoor dining area, walk-in wardrobe and private sundeck with panoramic views across the vessel’s bow. Complete with its own PADI 5-Star Dive Centre, recreation desk, restaurant, bar, lounge and library, Four Seasons Explorer features a dedicated team primed to create customized experiences, including a marine biologist, chefs and spa therapist plus dive, snorkeling, freediving and water sports experts.

“The core Palauan value of omengull—respecting all and everything—deeply aligns with our values at Four Seasons,” notes Regional Vice President Armando Kraenzlin. “Right from the Palauan Pledge that all visitors are asked to sign upon arrival, visitors are immersed in one of the world’s most unique cultures, founded on tradition and respect. It’s a thrilling paradise for anyone seeking harmony with nature, and the opportunity to learn and embrace the unique Palauan way of life.”

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