Le Barthélemy Hotel and Spa Debuts New Ways to Take the Waters

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The infinity pool St. Barth’s Le Barthélemy Hotel and Spa, where a Janzu holistic healing session is being administered.
The resort’s views of the water are already spectacular, so why not use the element to make guests feel even better?
Le Barthélemy Hotel and Spa

A vacation in St. Barth always comes with those sapphire and turquoise Caribbean waters that serve as an instant mood-booster on an island that knows a thing or two about joie de vivre. And now Le Barthélemy Hotel and Spa and sister brand Le Barth Villa Rental are offering a few extra ways to take the waters in the name of wellness on your next visit to the toniest island in the French Caribbean. 

Janzu and Aquatic Tibetan Sound Healing, the two new healing experiences available to guests, riff on the hotel’s standing partnership with La Mer and its Nordic water therapy offerings by presenting these ancient modalities designed to promote deeper calm and self-connection. 

And for all the wellness woo-woo already on the market in St. Barth, these treatments are the first healing practices specifically designed to utilize what’s considered the island’s most powerful element: water. 

The Janzu treatment is a “therapeutic psychocorporal experience that embraces the concept of reunion with the water as our origin and essence of life” and is inspired by ancient Shamanic regression techniques. During the process, the body is engaged in guided rhythmic movement through the water that serves to let the mind “completely surrender and ultimately transform.” 

Sound lofty? Even if that isn’t the final effect, the feeling of weightlessness and the support of the water will help guide guests toward a state of deepest relaxation. Sound complicated? Rest assured there’s a trained expert guiding people through the entire therapy, leaving them to relax, realign, and work on reharmonizing the mind, spirit, and body. 

“This experience delivers a heightened sense of renewal, deeply rooted in presence to one’s self,” explained Grégoire Bosc, Janzu specialist at Le Barthélemy.

The Aquatic Tibetan Bowls by Marine Delfino experience at St. Barth’s Le Barthélemy Hotel and Spa.
The Aquatic Tibetan Bowls experience uses sound to help the mind, body, and soul find peace.
Le Barthélemy Hotel and Spa

For the ultimate water healing experience, consider combining Janzu with the new Aquatic Tibetan Bowls by Marine Delfino experience, which has its origins in Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian traditions that date back 5,000 years, when indigenous cultures practiced sound therapy. 

Bowls are placed atop water surrounding the guest, and the sounds transmitted at deep vibrational frequencies are said to create a vibrational effect on the internal organs and energy systems. Delfino herself administers the practice, which can purportedly reduce anxiety and improve overall mental state. 

“Feeling the powerful vibrations of 528 Hz. 660 Hz., for example, through the water allows participants to unlock a new dimension of relaxation that they most likely have never experienced before,” she says. 

And the coolest thing about these treatments? The sense of place. When the ocean is calm enough, guests can experience both Janzu and Aquatic Tibetan Sound Healing right in front of the hotel in its Nature Reserve. Alternatively, visitors can partake in the treatments from their private pools, the infinity pool, or at any of the villas with a pool or access to water. 

That’s a definitive oui from us. 

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