A walk on Norfolk’s Boudicca Way to a classic village pub: The Crown Inn

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A stroll from Diss to idyllic Pulham Market takes in quiet countryside and passes a clutch of ancient churches

Why are some towns so disconnected from their railway stations? That’s what I often ponder at Diss in south Norfolk: the most direct walking route into its historic centre is a fiddly manoeuvre through 1960s cul-de-sacs which would be so much more visitor-friendly if it were clearly signposted.

But upon arrival – especially if it’s your first time – it’s worth persisting with the 18-minute trek to the hilly old town, with its 157 listed Tudor, Georgian and Victorian buildings. The timbered Saracen’s Head pub and long-running restaurant Weaver’s both date from the 16th century, while the cobbled Diss Yards is a haven of indie shops and health-conscious cafes, and the cavernous Designer Makers 21 is a warren of artists’ studios and galleries.

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